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The PeaceMonger, Book Summary

This is the day beleaguered U.S. President, Abwon Mobuba would stand before the largest audience in history to detail his plan to save the world from endless wars, economic upheaval, mass starvation—and the popular revolution that was calling for individual liberty.  Millions of protestors have filled the streets of every city in the world. Four-Billion people would be watching, on every conceivable media, all anxious for answers and relief.

Hess takes the reader on a ride through the thoughts of the president as he winds his way through one of the most momentous days ever recorded. The PeaceMonger will keep the reader guessing, as it exposes what really goes on behind the closed doors of power.

The PeaceMonger captures the Reader’s imagination and then refuses to let it go as Hess pulls them into a world that goes unseen by the common man. He skillfully guides the Reader on a journey into the mind of the most powerful man on Earth that will leave them spinning and viewing politics from a completely different perspective. It doesn’t matter what political ideology the reader may come from, The PeaceMonger will have them questioning everything they have been taught about how government really works.

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